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OUR STORIES 10 November 2022

The Sustainability Advantage: Why You Should Stock More Sustainable Choices

The desire for sustainable fashion is nothing new, yet it is accelerating faster than many brands and retailers realise. It has, therefore, never been a better time to make more sustainable choices for your retail company.

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A recent report from WWF Italy and Bain & Co found that while 65% of fashion consumers care about the environment, only 15% are currently basing their shopping habits on sustainability. However, as this number is forecasted to rise to as much as 50% in the coming years, this shift in desire towards sustainable choices will present a unique opportunity for brands and retailers alike - with those who choose to be ahead of the curve and embrace sustainability looking to capitalise and grow their business while also doing good for the planet.

The transition to a more sustainable fashion industry is a necessary change. Not only is it vital for the future of our planet, but as concerns for sustainability among the younger generations continue to accelerate, it is essential that retail companies listen to the desires of their consumers. In fact, 64% of consumers state that they are willing to pay more for high-quality and sustainable products.

While it is evident that the demand for more sustainable options, there is a gap surrounding supply, with consumers who never or hardly buy sustainable clothing stating that they find it hard to source sustainable options as well as stating that it is difficult to distinguish between sustainable and non-sustainable fashion items. Fashion retailers and brands, therefore, need to demonstrate leadership and embrace sustainability as a competitive advantage.

bundlex b2b shopping wholesale sustainability green fashion
There are three strategic actions that retailers can take in order to overcome purchasing barriers and accelerate the transition to sustainability:

Be Transparent About Product Sustainability

It currently takes too much effort for customers to know whether items are sustainable, so it is important for this information to be easily accessible, clear and easy to understand. Along with building brand trust and loyalty, being transparent to consumers of the supply chain will demonstrate a competitive advantage. At Bundlex, we are able to provide accurate information about the supply chain of these clothing, where they come from, and why they’ve made the off-price market enabling you to pass this information on to your customers.

Educate Your Customers

Education is key to changing behaviours, and with the help of Bundlex, you can guide your customers along their sustainability journey. Along with teaching your customers about where the materials come from, you can also reference resources from our blog that will help to teach them about the benefits of buying quality products from a sustainability perspective, as well as what off-price fashion is and how it can give garments a new life and save them from landfill.

Make Sustainable Shopping More Convenient

It is vital that retailers make sustainable shopping more convenient. Many customers want to purchase more sustainability, they simply need guidance in doing so. By making the sustainable switch and restocking your store with off-price fashion from Bundlex, you can provide an easy and accessible way for your consumers to make more sustainable choices.

Fashion brands and retailers that embrace sustainability and make purchasing habits easier for consumers are expected to cement their relevance in the changing markets, capturing the consumers who are at the forefront of this shift, building brand loyalty while also doing good for the planet. Sustainable shopping is inevitable. Brands and retailers need to step up and be the change that consumers want to see.

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