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FASHION TIPS 21 December 2023

Discover the Best Wholesale Winter Fashion Brands at Bundlex

As winter embraces us with its chilly winds and cosy nights, the demand for trendy and warm winter clothing skyrockets. For businesses, this is the golden opportunity to stock up on winter essentials that combine style with comfort. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the top wholesale winter fashion brands that are a must-have for any B2B distributor looking to captivate their market with high-quality, fashionable winter apparel.

Warm Winter Coats

Winter is the season to showcase a variety of elegant coats, and our brands, such as ADD, Scotch & Soda and Calvin Klein, offer an array of styles for every preference. From the timeless appeal of the trench coat, perfect for a chic, layered look, to the modern and functional puffer coat, designed to keep you warm in the chilliest of temperatures. Explore luxurious wool coats, a classic staple for their warmth and sophisticated style. For those seeking something unique, consider the statement-making cape coat or the enduring charm of the peacoat. Each type, whether it's a trench, puffer, wool, cape, or peacoat, promises to elevate your winter fashion offerings, blending trend with tradition.

Premium Jeans

Jeans are the foundation of versatility in any wardrobe, and in winter, they take on the role of combining style with warmth. Our premium European brands, such as Diesel, and Trussardi, have redefined winter jeans, ensuring they're not only fashionable but also functional for the colder months. From the snug fit of skinny jeans, perfect for tucking into boots, to the relaxed comfort of boyfriend jeans, ideal for casual, cosy days. Discover high-waisted options that offer a flattering silhouette and added warmth, or explore distressed and embellished styles for a more edgy look. Thermal-lined jeans are a game changer, providing extra insulation without compromising on style. Whether your customers prefer classic cuts or contemporary designs, these jeans options - skinny, boyfriend, high-waisted, embellished, and thermal-lined - cater to every winter jeans need with flair.

Cosy Knitwear

As winter sets in, knitwear becomes the heart of comfort and style in fashion. Brands such as Antony Morato, Liviana Conti, and John Richmond excel in delivering knitwear that not only provides warmth but also keeps pace with the latest trends. Discover a range of classic cardigans, perfect for layering over any outfit, and chic pullovers that offer both comfort and style. Oversized sweaters are a must-have, embodying the ultimate in relaxed winter fashion. For those who prefer a more fitted look, explore our selection of slim-fit knits, ideal for a sophisticated, snug feel. Statement pieces like cable-knit jumpers and patterned turtlenecks bring personality to any winter ensemble. Whether your customers are looking for something classic like a cardigan, something comfy like an oversized sweater, or something with a bit more flair like a patterned turtleneck, our knitwear range has something for every style preference this winter.

Winter Accessories

Winter accessories are essential for adding both warmth and a touch of style to any winter outfit. Our luxury brands, such as Post Card, Bikkembergs and Champion, offer a variety of accessories that are as fashionable as they are functional. Start with scarves, available in a range of materials from luxurious cashmere to practical wool, perfect for keeping warm while adding a pop of colour or pattern to winter attire. Gloves are another winter must-have, with options ranging from elegant leather to cosy fabrics, ensuring functionality and style. Don't forget about hats - from classic beanies to stylish caps, they not only keep the head warm but also serve as a fashionable statement piece. With these accessory choices - scarves, gloves, hats, ear muffs, and neck warmers - your customers can mix and match to create the perfect winter ensemble.

Winter Footwear

Footwear in winter is not just about staying warm; it's a key element of fashion. Our brands, such as Blauer, Missoni, and Bally offer a stylish yet practical range of winter footwear, perfect for any winter setting. Ankle boots, a perennial favourite, come in various styles, from sleek leather to casual suede, ideal for both formal and everyday wear. Knee-high and over-the-knee boots make a striking statement and provide extra warmth, suitable for those chilly days. For a more rugged look, lace-up boots offer durability and style, perfect for winter adventures. Snow boots are essential for extreme weather, combining insulation with waterproof features. And for indoor comfort, explore our range of fashionable winter slippers, combining coziness with chic design. Whether it's ankle boots, knee-high boots, lace-ups, snow boots, or slippers, our winter footwear selection promises to keep your customers stylish and comfortable throughout the season.

Bundlex - Your Gateway to Luxury Winter Fashion

At Bundlex, we streamline the process of stocking your store with top-tier winter fashion. Our selection features over 70 renowned designers, offering a comprehensive range of styles from luxurious winter coats to trendy boots. This variety ensures your inventory meets every fashion need for the winter season.

Our service is tailored for speed and efficiency. Understanding the fast-paced nature of fashion retail, we prioritise quick shipping, enabling you to keep your store's offerings fresh and up-to-date. This responsiveness is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge in the dynamic fashion market.

Quality is a cornerstone of our offerings. Each item from our range of designers is selected for its superior craftsmanship and style, allowing you to provide your customers with fashion that’s both stylish and durable. By partnering with Bundlex, you gain access to a world of high-quality winter fashion, simplifying your inventory management while elevating your store's appeal.

In choosing Bundlex, you're choosing a partner dedicated to enhancing your retail success. Our blend of diverse, quality fashion options and swift, reliable service positions your store as a destination for the latest in winter fashion.


Who is the best off-price retailer?

Bundlex stands out as a leading off-price retailer, especially known for its exceptional range of winter fashion. They offer a diverse selection of luxury brands, ensuring high-quality, trendy options at competitive prices.

What is the difference between retail and wholesale fashion?

Retail fashion involves selling clothing directly to consumers, often at marked-up prices. In contrast, wholesale fashion, like that offered by Bundlex, involves bulk sales to retailers or distributors at lower prices, focusing on larger volume sales.

Which place is best for wholesale clothes?

For wholesale clothes, especially for winter fashion, Bundlex is a top choice. They offer a vast selection from over 70+ designers, combining quality, variety, and quick shipping, making them ideal for retailers seeking premium wholesale options.

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